LOCATION: 1005 N Madison Ave, Los Angeles 90029

HOURS: Tea house is temporarily closed. Please see our events page for unique workshops and experiences

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You deserve to see yourself as a 

A space in Los Angeles where wellness, healing, and portrait photography blend. 

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A space to sit back, slow down, and connect

Visit Our Tea House

Drop into the serene ambiance of our tea house. Here, you will find moments of peace and tranquility, as you read, journal, or simply breathe. Whether you seek quiet solitude or meaningful connections, our space warmly welcomes you.

*Visit passes are required upon entry, priced per person. Your experience comes with Korean artisanal teas and tea snacks.

Our Intentions

Pricing is per person, with visit pass required for entry. We invite our guests to slow down, unwind, and connect with themselves and others over tea.

Choose from 3 types, based on length of stay and tea experience desired. 

Choose your Experience

Zen Essence — $11 pp

Zen Elevated — $28 pp

  • Enjoy a 60-minute stay
  • Single serving of ‘tea of the day’ with a light snack

  • Stay as long as you like
  • Your choice of artisanal tea and gourmet tea snack 
  • Individual traditional tea pot set
  • Re-steeps available

Zen Harmony  (shared experience for groups of 2 or more) — $20 pp   

  • Discounted option for groups looking to share tea and teapots
  • Your choice of gourmet tea snack and shared artisanal tea (1 teapot for 2 guests, 2 teapots for 3-4 guests, 3 teapots for 5-6 guests)
  • Re-steeps available

*please opt for Zen Elevated if you wish to enjoy your personal tea pot

Single-origin, organic teas & tisanes from artisanal tea makers in South Korea.
Signature teas available alongside seasonal and monthly specials in-house.

Sejak (lit. "thin sparrow") refers to the most young and tender leaves. An early spring green tea from the pristine Hadong valley. Pan-fired for a powerful aroma and a roasted aftertaste. 

Signature Tea Selection

Sejak Green 

A rare sourcing as less than 5% of teas from South Korea are black teas. A variant of the popular Japanese cultivar, Yakibuta, this unroasted tea is bold, complex, and creamy. 

Boseong Black 

Unlike typical herbal tisanes that are simply dried, the young mulberry leaves are steamed then pan-fired for a nutty flavor. Rich and buttery. Hand harvested in Jeolla-namdo. 

Mulberry Leaf 

notes:  honeydew melon, toasted almonds, kale

notes:  seaweed, mushrooms, toasted grains

notes:  chocolate, dried fig, oak


Tea house is closed temporarily as we gear up for summer events, classes, and workshops. Please be on the lookout for special tea experiences coming in July! If you would like to inquire for a special occasion, please reach out to us at rsvp@dasustudios.com.

Tea and tea snacks are included as part of your visit pass - purchase required for entry. You can customize your experience and settle your bill upon arrival. We hope you enjoy our sanctuary to relax, reflect, and connect. 

Each tea is carefully selected to enhance the experience of relaxation and mindfulness. Discover our three signature teas, always available alongside seasonal and monthly specials. All of our teas are sourced from traditional and artisanal tea farmers in South Korea. They are cultivated using organic or pesticide-free methods in sustainable and eco-friendly manners.

We welcome inquiries for both private and collaborative events. Whether you’re looking to host a private celebration or collaborate on an event that aligns with our ethos, we’re excited to explore the possibilities with you. Please reach out to us at team@dasustudios.com to discuss your event needs.

Children are welcome, but please be mindful of our intimate space and fellow guests. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed.